Website: the work you do

    in the view of some friends, maybe Web design is to write good code, ready design is complete. That's not true, real website is an ongoing process, code needs to check frequently in case of failure, design or trimmed on a regular basis in order to adapt to the market development and changes in the industry, site updates and off-site promotion is not falling all day.

    Website design code of building

    a good website back-end code is the fundamental basis of site effect is guaranteed. Therefore, the Web site clean and friendly is the most basic requirement. In addition, website 301 redirect 401 errors, ALT tags, and more detail is a matter that must be taken.

    Website page layout

    If a website back-end code is the hero behind the scenes, the Web page layout design scenery is stand. Adhere to the site should be designed from the perspective of customer experience, all customer habits as customary, customers look for eye to customers at a rate of speed of website design is a good Web site design.

    site updated

    code is written well, design, Web design job is done yet? No.

    customer service for seven years in the process of not only build procedures, design pages, is also responsible for clients website keyword selection settings, and Web site updates. This is for helping customers and market needs, so the website is an ongoing process.

    external promotion of the Web site

    Web site, and the content is rich enough is it is OK to be? Yet, to get more people's attention, want to win more customers, we also have a have to do work, it is the external promotion, products must also learn playing ads, for Web sites, advertising is to make the promotion, so outside your Web site promotion is very important for a job.