Website production flow

    Web site for requirements analysis phase

    in the requirements analysis phase of the Web design, website production companies need to communicate with customers for initial, overview of customer's functional requirements and determine whether it can achieve the requirements of customers, while customers can also talk with the Web design company to learn more about website design company to identify the strength of cooperation.

    Web production preparation stage

    determined on both sides after the website production companies need to allocate a programme service to further deepen understanding of the customer, including the corporate website market positioning, style select, end function, marketing planning, and so on.

    implementation phase of the Web design

    Web design company in the detailed communication with customers and finalize a programme of website design options need to be presented to the technical department and listen to the technology sector's views and suggestions to further improve the corporate Web site design.

    good site design and technology course, the customers available to the production company, under the guidance of preparing Web material, which includes company profile, product images, product descriptions, Enterprise qualification prove that production is closely related to the Web site and all the materials.

    Web design company responsible for the score Web site design, the program adds, add information, website testing, data hosting and more technical work.

    Website design and acceptance of

    customers in addition to cooperation in the process of making the website productions promptly prepare all relevant material should be active and Web production staff corporate philosophy and corporate creative route to help producers better understand business content to the Web site to create better products.

    Web site when you are finished making customers website needs to function and style for the site for a full check.

    Website maintenance

    Website design is completed and delivered to customers after using the website design company should be in accordance with the terms stated in the contract on the corporate website content maintenance, system operation and maintenance, as well as the commitment of the service.