SME website construction had to know the secret

    Web design market a mixed bag today, judge and how we should select a website design suppliers?

    Website design, why the price difference?

    This is the website for cheap most of the Templates Web site, there is no real design, Web design vendor is the customer's pictures and information to the design template, because you want to redesign a Web site is not as easy as everyone thought, low cost costs simply cannot afford to redesign the Web site. Such a template website design without any new ideas, naturally, are not competitive. Of course, not your Web site must be good sites, the most important thing is to be suitable for their own situation.

    Website design, dynamic and static.

    some friends in the full knowledge of the SEO in Web design will require suppliers to make a Web site done in static mode, you need to know it's not impossible, just not necessary, static Web site and there is no clear evidence that it is beneficial to include, but it is difficult to maintain it is an ironclad fact.

    changes in the market, website design marketing factors makes the dynamic page becomes now website design essential page form.

    Website design, beautiful and practical balance between

    as a design company, are expert in the design, but in terms of Web design may lack a bit of heat. For design industry of case pictures quality high, pictures occupied of space also compared big of reasons, to guarantee products show quality, also to both customer access website Shi of speed of reality, recommends on website design requirements high, Flash animation application more of customer in select website making programme Shi don't ignored has website space problem, do don't to province some money and provoked urgent has we of customer, remember, customer of speed is real of speed.