Technical issues on the website

    with the Web design industry threshold is getting lower, more people flooded into Web design, website design pertinent technical talent is also uneven, although many website design from the design point of view there is no difference, but the backend code is a difference. Which is why it looks the same site prices are a far cry from the one of the reasons.

    1, Web site production, code must be neat and

    production cost can be high or low is because the website that said simply that it is simple, said it is difficult. For costs cost low of website, programmer General are is in source code website upper and lower contains has corresponding function code and guarantee it and website design phase compatible can; and for costs cost high of website making, programmer also will will more of time and energy put to code of cleanup Shang, in guarantee achieved function of while more effective of clear has some not necessary of extra code, this not only can makes we of website run up more easily and more conducive to website of optimization work, reached better of effect. This attitude has nothing to do with the programmer, who also didn't stall the eligibility requirements consumption enjoy stars services.

    2, Web site production, to come and go freely, clear road

    our website when it is best to use a flat structure, when the function module is designed to ensure that come and go, targeted. Guaranteed customer clicks will get you every time a valid page, links between each plate must be done well, not letting the client come, not go back, inoperable.

    3, Web design must be humane

    good site also plans eventually to serve, so allow customers to log on to the Web for the first time will see their anxious to see Web standards is very important. Customers in addition to better access information, the sense of trust and reliance on magic weapon to full website design is also essential.

    not in pursuit of some personality and use the public cannot accept Web design ideas, a thankless character and cannot be regarded as a successful Web site making the case.

    4, website design, and search experience and customer experience and

    Web design now, everyone will think of Web site optimization, so a good website must comply with the search engine's search habits. Could not be ignored in order to please the search engines get a good ranking sites end users--people.