Website what when there are dead links

    recently, has friends to professional website making company easy Dragon Network Advisory has in using webmaster tool detection website Shi found died links should how processing of problem, professional website making company easy Dragon network think died chain is website making process in the inevitable of problem, even website making have again perfect also inevitably will appeared died chain, even just began Shi no, in late of website revision, domain name replaced, link also cannot avoid died chain of produced. Furthermore some dead links from external sites, we cannot control. Trying to avoid the influence of dead links to our website, professional website design company Dragon network suggest you use a 301 redirect to site escort.

    General space and server industry can provide 301 redirect services.

    Yi long professional website design company website design updates the network promoted the site administrator in the maintenance, do not want to keep adding content into the site, and not to do some inspection work. Professional website design firm Dragon network suggest you periodically to check the add content page. For some of the poor user experience, unpopular or Baidu does not include the right to delete the contents of the page for a long time. If a page has been indexed by Baidu, but this time we have to delete this page should do? Yi long network of professional website design company to remind you, don't delete all desperate, regularly remove some content that is already included Web sites not considered stable, and if there is a lot of content that is not included in the Web site will be treated as junk, what has to be punished, what should we do? Professional website making company easy Dragon network think in this when for 301 heavy directed is best of solution approach one of, dang user access has has was delete of website content Shi, 301 heavy directed will will customer Guide to other related page, so not only upgrade has customer experience degrees, and can will original of right heavy frame to other page, avoid has weight of loss, such of practices in many large website Shang are can see get.

    above is professional website making company easy Dragon network on station within appeared died links Shi of processing approach recommends, and some appeared in station outside of died links, especially on optimization has quite big of effect of 404 links Shi, we need contact the station of administrator for consultations processing, if he find not to errors page, we can let he do some real exists of errors page out, then for 301 heavy directed can. But now, as long as it is a little smaller sites will automatically use a 301 redirect, as long as we carefully consider when choosing platforms wouldn't have much of a problem.

    in short, is also an old saying, Web site production should always pay attention to check the health of your site and a doctor in time, the only way to let the site grow up healthily.