Web site production notes

    often our Web site when you want to pay attention to what is it? Website production company Dragon network today their views put forward the following site production notes:

    1, site when TITLE and META content

    Web production company Dragon network think a site TITLE and META section is actually a summary of the content of the Web site, which contains the core content of the site, Therefore, this part of the settings should be consistent with the main content of the site, but note that each page TITLE and META are cannot be set to the same content.

    2, make labels using the website

    Website H1-H6 a label production technology as with the font of the Word document, larger font smaller number. In the writing art, font larger proved to be the more important, therefore, the content within the H1 tag is certainly focused on the content, but it is worth noting is that in the process of Web design, a page can only use an H1 tag because too much focus there is no so-called focus at all.

    3, website CSS file problem in

    Web production company Dragon networks recommended in Web design should be imported from an external LINK when CSS files, use the RESET.CSS resets style, avoid using *{}. Best is a US style written on a single line, reducing the file size, try not to use the ID of the class definition.

    4, pictures in a website design optimization

    optimization of product images I believe many friends already know can be realized by the ALT tag, the Web production company Dragon network talk about optimization method of the background picture.

    framework used by the Web site the picture, as defined within the CSS, as far as possible the background pictures, for faster loading. Best not to put a small picture is tiled in a larger context.

    5, Web page nested in

    Web site production technology today, DIV+CSS this decrease the page code, site structure clear separation of content and form an ideal practice has been generally recognized.

    6, JS in making use of the Web site

    Web site production company Dragon network believed in the process of making a Web site, can not use the JS places, try not to use, can merge into one JS is best not to use more than one, so you can reduce a large circulation and excessive levels of reference, so as to improve the speed of loading and running.

    7, dead links in the website

    to reduce dead links is to improve the customer experience, website design must strengthen the link checking, do not make customers happy to point down and return.

    8, site in making those images and text

    a Web site if all the pictures just don't optimization, but if a Web site is all text and no reminds people browsing reading interest, so to speak, only pictures of the site is a good site