Professional website design on Web site interaction experience

    professional website design said interaction experience is customer in browsing our site wants to communicate with us to discuss enterprise related products services projects of the operational experience, professional Web design emphasis is on experience, availability, and ease of use.

    site technical interaction setting is applied most often means nothing more than the online consultation, feedback, form consulting, Member registration, SMS interaction, and Forum discussions.

    QQ, and MSN, and want want, and SKYPE Online Advisory is professional website making in the most common to of interactive way, directly fast and customer using rate high, but this way has must of limitations, that is put staff more of bound in computer Qian, so professional website making except these rates sex of interactive set zhiwai also to joined online message, table single Advisory, has extended effect sex of way to and customer for interactive exchange.

    online consultations can be set to display at the front desk, this way not only for customers who have the same questions provides the best and fastest solution, enhancing the customer experience better at the same time freeing up labour.

    professional website design can also join online searches faster and better to help customers find products they are interested in, this machine is one of the interactive tools.

    online survey will also be improving direction of professional website design, better customer service one of the ways of communication.

    Advisory modes using the form, make sure to pay attention to how you design the form, should as far as possible using the drop down choices to help customers in the shortest possible period of time to complete the form to fill out, you should also set a required field, such as: company name, contact person, contact telephone number, customer information so that enterprises can most effectively.

    professional website design in the membership application must be described in detail a member of accountability limits only, and requires the user to be sure to read the detailed terms and clear throughout the registration process fast and easy.

    If the above interaction methods are limits the scope of our work in front of the computer, SMS interaction may be operating one of the wide range of ways, as long as we keep the Web site and SMS functions are tied together, both can complete the interactive sessions with our customers at any time.

    interactive forum for large portals, general corporate website and no need to add this feature.