Enterprise website construction to meet a marketing level

    in network marketing tidal wave under the influence of an increasing number of companies focused on strengthening marketing website design, marketing company website design concept has made a number of detailed in the previous article, today we'll talk about what the company website to achieve the marketing level.

    business website design work we must establish the correct website design ideas, first of all, we have to distinguish between differences of website marketing and sales website.

    marketing company website more website popularity, corporate brand and product awareness of promotional work, no promotion and publicity there would be no possibility of network order sold. Marketing company website design show more attention to enterprise image, production strength, product features, plenty of talent as well as the embodiment of comprehensive strength of enterprises, to a large extent using the online outreach follow-up transactions below the line marketing.

    sales website focuses on only one, that is, products such as Taobao, Jingdong Mall, excellence, dangdang and so on large e-commerce platform, they pursued is sold on line, this mall platform is to a large extent applicable to the realities of the traditional product.

    so we can not simply to any online purchase payment function to determine if a business website design belongs to the marketing website.

    Website wants to meet a marketing level enterprises must take action with the following thought.

    when our website is complete how to allow customers to find our Web site? Simple promotion! Natural ranking promotion SEO techniques can be used, or you can use Baidu bidding for promotion but also through other promotional advertising platform.

    customer came to our site, how we should hold on to them? ' the question should take early in the corporate website design planning. After years of marketing experience we can easily figure out what our customers care most about? Most want to see is what? Most problems are what? Through the corporate website design problem of what these customers want to read perfectly in front of the customer, this is marketing Web design features.

    retain customers, what should we do? Should first answer deeper questions? This needs to figure out how to make the first time customers can find professional customer service staff to answer questions, clearly visible telephone, Instant Messenger and the message is not a good solution to this problem?