See how professional website building skills to enhance weight

    I believe we all know that a website wants to can relax at a later stage to make good results with persistence, effort is inseparable from every day, but professional website design requires early is also not to neglect an essential prerequisite.

    through the search engine research and understanding of professional website design company in website design for clients often offered statements to clearly tell spider, what is it you can grab content, which is that it has no regard for the part, so it saves a lot of steps for the site administrator later operation.

    When a spider crawl a Web site normally have to read the file for the Robots file, therefore, suggest that we can firmly grab the files to primary site optimization.

    professional website design company can use robots to ban pictures in a spider web design content, invalid form on the page and doesn't recognize the file and some customers just need to open and no work done to optimize content section, to avoid unnecessary weight dispersion.

    404 page faces for a friend who often study sites must be familiar, with all its effects on the site renders more and more daunting, in fact, this problem is very easy to handle, we only need to block this page, Disallow:/404.html is a professional website design company frequently used methods.

    If said 404 page is everyone are familiar of against, that website bottom navigation may is everyone are not clear of exists, actually slightly note observation of friends will found, most website making will selection bottom navigation of practices, this is to effective of help those page had long of website visitors more convenient shortcut of jump to other content page and set of content, so almost in each a page of bottom will see get, This is what it says for customer must be set up for search engines, the content is invalid, you can use simple statements blocked.