Professional website building companies given some suggestions

    We all know that Web design is not a temporary task, it must be and must become a long-term plan development process. While website design is no longer a simple and complete display of corporate products and services tasks can, it should bring some economic benefits to the enterprise, even in the future to gradually become the source of profit, this is Internet marketing.

    It's not just do a nice website to network marketing? No, the pursuit of luxury is not a network marketing, but the coexistence of beauty and wisdom is what we have been trying to do, that's long reputation of network size, brand, company website design concept.

    as a service SMEs in seven years of long networks in research and development, professional Web design firm Fitch size series Web site has always been to do the following, and suggest you do the following in order to better serve China's Internet marketing.

    1th: reasonable during the Web design process using the framework with the JS code

    the influence of search engines are very powerful, but it still needs to adapt to technology innovations.

    as things seem, for reading the JS content search engine continues to improve, this requires our website design with minimal framework and write JS to the main content of the site as well as the main link, the number, the Enterprise website may be buried under the heavy ornate.

    2nd: customers first principle

    is the enterprise Web design, brand website design or marketing website design, we aim to have only one, and that is customer service, so we must stand during the Web design process at the customer's thinking, customer demand in the first place, Fitch size 6.0 planning the idea that " No one provided a company can have only one site, "customer first views of promoting" a site not only can have a navigation ". When necessary to join the auxiliary navigation can be done so that our customers get better service.

    3rd: stand in the light

    sometimes catering to search engines will directly harm the interests of its clients, in order to better integration of these two points, many friends have in the design of Web sites using hidden text and display text two forms of rendering content to please spider populations two types of customers, but it would be extremely unwise.

    4th: Web site for another core: the code behind

    whether it is ASP,PHP,.NET,Java or some other programming language you use, the main requirement is only one, it's simple and concise simple, never tired of spiders this very busy man.

    5th: standing where others can see you at first glance

    will inevitably participate in the Web site for a number of different types of content, especially in a static website design, the content is more, remember at this time do not save directory is set too deep too miscellaneous.

    6th: new things is something everyone likes

    pages using different labels will make it easier for us to achieve the long tail keyword performance, most of the page if you are still using the same meaningless label or all use the same content labels, then is the time to think about it.

    7th: cloth to get the desired effect of

    from some degree of SEO Web design is like a maze of guidelines have been identified, no amount of crossroads are where we want to go.

    8th: website timely action

    a piece of clothing cannot be worn in 35, a website, especially a moneymaking website nor for 35 years, and highlights of the Web design should always find yourself, focus, continuous improvement, but website focusing on timing and schedule control.