Website SEO should be considered before building problems

    now, more and more professional Web design people think that SEO of a website should be ready before making the site, then in the early Web design SEO what are the issues that should be considered?

    first of all we want to on this Web site for detailed site requirements of program planning and functional needs confirmation.

    then we have to make it clear the website focused on the promotion of products and the promotion of what is, and the focus of the entire website design style is selected, because the site design should be able to focus our promotional content in order to achieve the goal we wanted, keyword selection is to have more precise arrangements. Recommendations in this process we must sort out the whole process and build a good site structure, because a good website design website development process is very precious, only has a good site structure our website will get search engine love and has best rank.

    except design aspects of factors, also should consider to website making background program code of select problem, in this aspects we should as selection meet W3C standard of language, streamlined all can streamlined of code, as don't let website of URL with Shang parameter, if can for static processing or pseudo static processing is best of, necessary of when we can consider shield with parameter of URL, reduce repeat page, Website 301 redirect.

    SEO for a website domain name choice is also a certain degree of skill, a good domain name can make us more effective punches.

    think we depend on website internal factors external factors should also take into account the production site, or server space option, if our customers are abroad choose overseas servers, but are mainly domestic, then choose close-range servers, guarantee the speed of customers when they visit our site.