Industry Portal website construction


    definition of a portal website: to provide industry with industry and industry related information services

    rapid development of industry portal, Web site targeted to provide the industry with industry and industry related information services, strengthen the industry classification of information, fully embodies the characteristics of the industry. Web site positioning in the industry's dynamic information, product information, market information and information technology development, establishing information authority figure in the industry, providing customers with needed information and communication space, this location is: as the industry (or a region) within the leading Web portal. As the industry information resources, human resources, commercial release and control of resources. Web site and all of our resources to member companies carry out a variety of value-added services and make a profit.

characteristics of the industry Portal

trade portal type sites function module

Website-technical after sales support

    1, site maintenance according to customer requirements, and respond to customer problems in a timely manner, so free technical support;

    2, responsible for customer Web part upgrade work in the original program, if the program modules upgrade, free upgrade service;

    3, responsible for processing program or Web page BUG;

    4, junk file cleanup site, releasing resources; 30 information amount of information uploaded, other finish depending on the workload, and generally within 24 hours to complete and upload;

    5, is responsible for the analysis of the customer's domain name, space-bound;

    6, the agreement gives customers Web site maintenance, and there is a written maintenance reports. And within 12 hours to solve the problem during the week;

    7, responsible for training of customer personnel company site 1 working;

    8, 10 times a year to provide customers with the page (do not change site style) maintenance, Web pages have been modified, with small icons, hyperlinks to modify, modify each Web page contains three pictures.


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