E-commerce website building program


    e-commerce, as its name suggests, refers to the Internet online business activities. Its main features include online advertising, ordering, payment, customer service and submission of sales, pre-sales and after-sales service of goods, as well as market research, financial accounting and production arrangements and many other uses of Internet development in commercial activities. A key feature of e-commerce is the use of Web technology to transmission and processing of business information.

    of electronic commerce has two broad and narrow. Special e-commerce also known as electronic transactions (e-commerce), which refers to the use of means of communication provided by the Web of transactions conducted on the Internet. Generalized use of electronic commerce, including electronic trading of all commercial activities in the Web, such as market analysis, allocation of customer contacts, materials and so on, also called electronic commerce (e-business). These events can occur in the company, between companies and between companies and their customers.

    e-commerce is not just business, not just hardware and software information, but Internet, intranets (Intranet) and external network (Extranet), buyers and sellers, manufacturers and partners closely together, thus eliminating the barriers of time and space.

    a lot of businesses are already using the power of the Internet, established to deploy their online trading platforms. Whether it is B2B, B2C type are expected through the INTERNET trading platform of management and sales, and opportunities for business. Realization of e-commerce Web site has the following strategic significance:

e-commerce sites function module

Website-technical after sales support

    1, site maintenance according to customer requirements, and respond to customer problems in a timely manner, so free technical support;

    2, responsible for customer Web part upgrade work in the original program, if the program modules upgrade, free upgrade service;

    3, responsible for processing program or Web page BUG;

    4, junk file cleanup site, releasing resources; 30 information amount of information uploaded, other finish depending on the workload, and generally within 24 hours to complete and upload;

    5, is responsible for the analysis of the customer's domain name, space-bound;

    6, the agreement gives customers Web site maintenance, and there is a written maintenance reports. And within 12 hours to solve the problem during the week;

    7, responsible for training of customer personnel company site 1 working;

    8, 10 times a year to provide customers with the page (do not change site style) maintenance, Web pages have been modified, with small icons, hyperlinks to modify, modify each Web page contains three pictures.