Enterprise website construction programme


    application object: enterprises effect high standards for Web page design, more focused on brand image and online promotion site, and multiple enterprise information and brand cultures, and can publish relevant information and the latest product information and receive feedback in a timely manner.

Group site map

    Group website including content

    1, international domain name: 1, for example, www.ABC.com www.ABC.CN ;

    2, site spaces: space 300M, support ACCESS/SQL database

    3, planning as a whole: industry analysis, product analysis, user experience analysis, structure analysis, color and other professional planning.

    4, site Home: Home beautiful Flash title animation design

    5, company profile: from here to let the customer know the basic profile, business philosophy, service, corporate culture, highlighting the competitive strength of the enterprise.

    6, company news: Enterprise some announcements, notices need to publish on the site, when visitors open the home page, one or more small popup Windows, to attract the attention of the outside world, online editor, powerful, in control, easy to use and manage.

    7, honors: shows the enterprises in the industry to obtain various types of awards, qualifications, certificates and so on, enhance brand value and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.

    8, products: support the second-category products shown, product retrieval, admin functions: product category changes, additions and deletions, add products, administrators to modify system safe and reliable.

    9, join us: introducing brand and joining the details of cooperation.

    10, customer case studies: showing the competitiveness of the company's products.

    11, recruitment: replace the latest talent demand information at any time.

    12, guestbook: view online guestbook and message replies to customers, enhance the interactivity of the Web site

    13, contact: place the contact information of the company, allows customers to get in touch with us in a timely manner.


    development cycle: 15 working days (website Home after confirmation);

    staff training: background training in the use of 1;

    Website maintenance: one year free website maintenance operation (do not change the page structure, does not increase the page) a full year free technical support;