Enterprise budget website building program


    application: using the site for business promotion, customer service, and product content online management or the release of news and information, online surveys, etc. Business, page design, suitable for enterprises to establish a certain interactive features of the corporate Web site, introduce more specific business situations, better show business providing products or services, and products of real time publishing, can at any time to issue the latest service information and accept feedback in a timely manner.

Enterprise budget site map

    Enterprise economical Web site including the content

    1, international domain name: 1, for example, www.ABC.com www.ABC.CN ;

    2, site spaces: space 100M, support ACCESS/SQL database

    3, company profile: from here to let the customer know the basic profile, business philosophy, service, corporate culture, highlighting the competitive strength of the enterprise.

    4, and website flow analysis: including flow log, and flow statistics, and page analysis, and access analysis, and source analysis, and search analysis,

    5, and company news: enterprise in website Shang often some announcement, and notification need released, dang browse who open home page Shi pop-up a or multiple small window, to caused outside note, used online edit device, function powerful, itself control, Easy to use and manage.

    6, products: support the second-category product displays, product retrieval, admin functions: product category changes, additions and deletions, add products, administrators to modify system safe and reliable.

    7, online: view online guestbook and message replies to customers, and enhance the interactivity of the Web site.

    8, contact: place the contact information of the company, allows customers to get in touch with us in a timely manner.


    development cycle: 7 days (website Home after confirmation);

    staff training: background training in the use of 1;

    Website maintenance: one year free website maintenance operation (do not change the page structure, does not increase the page) a full year free technical support;